anyone using 07 schweser?

I’m using 07 schweser notes and wondering if anyone else is doing the same- since I have not seen the 08 curriculum yet, am wondering which 07 readings I can ignore and which 08 readings are missing in the 07 schweser product. The differences seem to be the most significant with regard to FSA (, which makes me nervous since that’s such a major part of the exam and the area that I’m focusing on early. for example, i’d like to ignore 07 readings 39 (dilutive secs and EPS) and 41 (long term assets) and the stuff on financial ratios (07 reading 38) but am not sure if this is in the 08 curriculum. thoughts?

Do you really think that in a course that’s supposed to produce equity analysts and portfolio managers that you are going to somehow NOT need to know financial ratios?!? You, my friend, are crazy. I suggest if you’re writing the exam, to actually register because the CFAI books are included in the exam fee and you can compare the material yourself… which is what I’m going to be doing… (ie. actually reading the CFAI materials (once they get to my door) after having already read schweser 2007).

obviously I’m not assuming that financial ratios aren’t part of the exam, I’m trying to figure out what exactly about that reading was changed. I may be crazy, but you seem like a jackass mr. I am smart. thanks for nothing. anyone have anything helpful to say? has it covered pretty well. I would also suggest you register ASAP since the CFAI curriculum is the only real authoritative source for the CFA exam.

I’ll be using the 2007 Video’s for my preparation - since I already have them, they can’t hurt as a supplement to the CFAI readings.