Anyone using 2008 schweser notes?

I am studying again for the CFA level I exam and just wondering if anyone like me has been using the 2008 schweser notes for studies? The reason why I am using the 2008 schwesers is because I have so much notes written on the book that are so beneficial that I don’t even really have to read everything. anyone knows how much of the content has changed between 2008 and 2009 schwesers? thanks

I’ve heard that the Schweser review panel makes slight changes to topics to reflect the changes in the CFAI curriculum. I am not sure how significant these changes are. If you’re really stuck on staying with Schweser 2008, I would be cross referencing the 2009 CFA Curriculum now and again. That is, assuming you didn’t opt out of that (is that even possible?). For example, I can’t imagine that many economists came around in the last year that revolutionized the relevant content in the 2008 Economics book vs the 2009 Economics book. You do have to ask yourself if your willing to take a chance on using outdated materials. Completely up to you.

If this can help, hereunder are the changes… Cheers,


Reading on “Leases” is not there in Schweser 2008…some of my pages in Sch2009 were missing and had to refer to '08 notes and noticed that there are some topics added or taken out by the CFA for 2009…