Anyone using the HP-12C?

I just picked up the HP-12C from my brother yesterday, pretty cool calculator. I’m curious how many people are using the HP-12C versus the TI one?

I am used to BA2 plus

ba II plus over here too

BA2 plus rockzz!!

BA2 plus PRO


dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > BA2 plus rockzz!! I meant BA2 PLUS professional (Advanced Business Analyst) rockzzzz!! - Dinesh S

So, no takers for RPN, eh?

Add one more BA II plus pro

Does it matter if it’s BA2plus pro or just BA2 plus?

Stratus - I’m rolling with the 12c also. The reason I am using the 12c over the BAII is because my dad had about 4 12c’s lying around his house. He gave me one and I was too cheap to buy a different one. Took a little getting used to, but now I like the 12C a lot. Looks like we are the minority here!

I like the HP12C in RPN mode.

I like using HP12C in any mode… Cheers…

I am using the HP-12C. I learned on it way back so why switch now.

The TI has a couple of more features that can be used on the exam. Learning the HP takes some time, but it will save you time in the end. RPN is so much faster than algebraic notation. The one drawback is that everytime I pick up a calculator now that isn’t an HP I make a bunch of mistakes because I am used to using RPN.

Yeah I’m using the HP-12C, I love it, it’s far more intuitive than the BA II. However, since I also have the BA II, I am bringing it to help out with binomials, especially nCr and nPr, as they have nice functions for solving them immediately. If you have both, take both – worst that happens is that you don’t use it.

If you can work the rpn mode…there is nothing like it.