Anyone waiting to buy the iphone 5?

Wondering if any of you are considering buying it regardless of how marginal the upgrade are?

If so, what is your current phone?

I will be ordering mine. Current phone: 3GS. Compared to the 4/4S my phone is a piece of crap.

I almost feel like people upgrade their phones (iphones) which every other model. Since the ‘4’ was a very popular model, I am predicting a phenomenal debut for the iphone 5.

Anyone feeling the same?

I tend to upgrade mine when I find the phone getting slow and unresponsive. I don’t usually need every new gizmo in the new phone, but I do want the thing to be responsive.

I have the 4S and I’m thinking about upgrading but it’ll depend on how much better the 5 is. If it’s not much better; I’ll just wait until my cell phone contract ends(and get it cheaper) and get hopefully the 5S or 6 when it comes out.

What was your phone before the 4s? I still feel the upgrade every ‘other’ model is the pattern for phones

The leap from a 3G to a 4S was unreal. I’m sure I will lust after the 5, but will hold off at least until this thing begins to feel old.

If this new connector thing is true, I’m just gonna wait until they release the iPad 4. I hate carrying 2 USB cables around when 1 would suffice.

Current Phone: 3GS (2 years AT&T contract already over) will upgrade to Iphone 5

I had a BB and switched to the 4S last year. I’ll probably get the 5 and give the 4S to my wife.

I’ve got a four and will not be making the upgrade. I’m hoping to “accidentally” drop this one on something very hard so I can get a bb again. Call me crazy but I hate touch screens for texting/emailing.

I had a Blackberry Pearl Titanium previously; browsing the internet on there was insanely slow! As you can tell, I’m not an upgrade every new model kinda person.

Yeah, Blackberry has fallen behind horribly in the past few years. It seems like their only lifeline is that corporations are stupid at figuring out how to put smtp email on other kinds of phones. Not sure how much longer this will last.

Disclaimer: I have a Blackberry, but only because it’s free from the company and I don’t want to spend money on phone bill.

I’m getting a new business phone soon, but I don’t know what it will be. It won’t be iPhone 5. But I don’t want an iPhone 4S because I’ve already got one. I would want the iPhone 5, it’s just too expensive in Australia

Does US sell any unlocked iPhones? If so I’ll pay someone here to post one to me

I have some friends at work in the consulting practice who swear that they’ll never have anything but a blackberry, but personally I think they’re just so awful I couldn’t go back after having an Android for the past year and work will pay for any kind of smartphone.