Anyone want help on level 1 in Dallas?

Hi All Not to sound like I know a lot, because I dont, but I recently passed level 1 CFA and am a CPA that worked in Pubic Accounting for a few years. I have decided that I am not taking level II until 2009, so I want to stay sharp. To that end, if anyone in the DFW area was wanting help on level I, specifically with FSA (as that is my strongest part due to my background), I would be willing to meet with you to help out (I am not saying a LOT of meetings, but something to try and help out). Again, I can help with all areas, but it is with a differing degree of effectiveness (my statistics background for example, is basically absent). I am not charging but am just asking that it would work with my schedule (I do tutoring so paying customers come first ) and be near my house/work depending on when we meet. Anyway, if anyone around DFW (I live in Carrollton) is interested I am more than happy to try and help. I just want to try to stay (get) sharp and help out if possible. My email is kevin_f1@hotmail. To emphasize, I am NOT asking for anything in return (other than the above paragraph).