Anyone want to Sell me Schweser Book 7???

I need more questions to do. Just got my ass whooped after doing a CFA exam. Need more practice.

I did the 5 out of 6 Book 7 exams - I don’t really recommend it. Someone said in another post - they don’t help you see the bigger picture. Keep doing the Question Bank if all else is done… I’d sell you my Book 7 but I’m too lazy to bother with shipping :wink:

Omster, what’s your email?

Dude!!! I bought book 7 from someone on this forum, and guess what, the book does not have the answers to the exam in it. You get the actual letter answers, but NO explanation AT ALL. So you have to LOG IN to the Schweser website to get the explanations. I think they do that to keep people from reselling materials. In any case, I’m screwed and about to call Schweser and pay for the exams directly from them because I have no other way to get the answers. So if you buy book 7 make sure you don’t have the same problem I did. Word to the wise.