Anyone who fails for CFAI sample test but WIN the actual test? Please help me.

Hi guys, Before taking the CFAI Level 1 sample 3 today, I was very confident that I would keep my performance. Many people said that CFAI sample is straightforward. For QBank I spend about 1 minute for 1 question, and here I have 2 minutes for each. But I did terribly just 50%… Although I have some problems: - must print screen for later review (a distraction) - the font is a littile bit small to me, I could not believe that low score :frowning: Could you guys let me know what I could do now in just 8 days? Thanks so much.

Ok, this is what I did for the Level 1 exam. For the last 5 days, I worked out all the SOLVED examples in the Schweser Notes. There are only approx 5 examples for every chapter. You should be able to do this easily. There is too much information to retain, and this is the quickest way to learn and practice all of it. Good Luck Aj

Hi Aj. Thank you so much for your valuable advice. Btw what do you mean by 5 examples? Are they end-of-chapter problems or examples in the books?

what were you getting on the other cfai tests? as you probably already know, these tests vary in degrees of difficulty. if you were scoring significantly higher than the 50 you just got, it is probably just a very difficult test. i’d suggest, i know this may get expensive, that you take more, if not all, of the cfai online tests. (no, man, i don’t work for the institute) if you average out the score, it will be a bettor indicator of where you stand than just one test. i can also almost guarantee there will be a couple of questions on the real exam that will seem very similar or exactly same as the practice questions. good luck.

Hey I was referring to the solved examples in the chapter… not after it ends.