Anyone who fails for CFAI sample test but WIN the actual test? Please help me.

Hi guys, Before taking the CFAI Level 1 sample 3 today, I was very confident that I would keep my performance. Many people said that CFAI sample is straightforward. For QBank I spend about 1 minute for 1 question, and here I have 2 minutes for each. But I did terribly just 50%… Although I have some problems: - must print screen for later review (a distraction) - the font is a littile bit small to me, I could not believe that low score :frowning: Could you guys let me know what I could do now in just 8 days? Thanks so much.

Take another test and stop freaking out. panic won’t solve your problems. Review material and realize that you’ve prepared and now relaxing and remaining confident is what will save you. Not cramming and freaking out.

Review the LOS for the answers you got wrong, do soem extra advanced problems from Q bank and pound out as many practice tests as possible. Worked for me when I was in the same boat as you. Just remember … be glad to get stuff wrong now b/c a 50% now means nothing and is a chance to learn what you do not know.

just focus on the stuff you got wrong and review the hell out of it

Thank you guys a lot… Really appreciate your help this time… After a nap, I feel much better and just finished a short test with QBANK hard questions only… 80%… 1min 16 sec for each question… well have to push myself more though… Have a good night…

can someone tell me what the QBANK is? I did Book 6 sample exam 3 today, not too good. I don’t know if actual exam is as difficult as with book 6 sample exam? I used schweser manual.

It would certainly grab my attention, but I wouldn’t panic. It is just a small subset of questions. If I remember correctly, I was in the low 60s on my CFAI practice exam the week before L2 this year and I still passed the exam.