Anyone with Schweser material..

Does schweser have question after EACH reading? I am reading CFAI materials and it is really hard to retain much as there are no questions after each reading!

Yes CSK. Questions after pretty much every reading. Same layout as L2 Schweser, except they aren’t all multiple choice. There have some written response questions in there as well.

I guess i will be ordering Schweser then

Too much sh!t in that CFAI stuff CSK. I’m going with Schweser as my main reading material, but will hit some of the CFAI readings where I think I need to get more detail. Will also be sure to do all the problems from the CFAI readings. Hopefully that will have me covered enough to get through.

I’m with you BB on yr study style… For some sure to appear questions like IPS, i’ll be reading the actual text too… Let’s kill this beast this june!

I have yet to really get into it, but I am using Schweser this year with the CFAI readings and the Schweser QBank as supplements.

My first post this year…that officially marks the end of life for the next 5 months. Good to see some familiar names from 2007 L2. For L1 and L2, I used CFAI plus Schweser. They don’t always say the same thing in the same way – keep both handy, and if something isn’t sinking in on one, try the other. I found alot of the CFAI questions repetitive and not particularly helpful – do some and read all of them, BB, but don’t kill yourself to actually answer all of them. Also, I’d suggest if you don’t want to read every word at least scan CFAI in every section and make sure Schweser isn’t skimping on something. If we did this last year, we would have killed Treynor-Black. …now where’s that Book 0? step 1… re-learn what I’ve long forgotten…