Anyone with their CFA work for a Big 4 Accounting Firm?

I was just curious if any of those Big 4 accounting firms actually look for people with their CFA or are they just putting the designation in job descriptions so it pops up in search engines?

I’v ready a couple of postings and they are more geared for someone with a CPA, though some of the stuff were touched upon in CFAI study materials. Are there positions at KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y that are geared more towards investment experience? Just curious what those positions entail.


I feel like ive seen postings for Big 4 valuations/TAS that have CFA as a preferred, or a lot will say CFA/CPA. Cant imagine it would hurt for either of those positions.

they do like it. I know in mgmt consulting they like anything that sounds even remotely smart like, cpa cfa abc mba def.

hey almostdoneIII, there is a very meager chance that the big 4 accounting firm will look for a CFA. u will have better luck with big financial firms- jpmorgan, morgan stanley, bank of america merrill lynch, credit suisse, goldman sachs etc. the accounting firms largely hire CPAs, there might be a small dept for finance and investment in these companies and chances are the posts are already taken or they are not looking to hire a CFA. I know there was a lot of accounting stuff in CFA curriculum but it does not cover everything required by accountants. Most largely important stuff like audit, a lot of taxation stuff and other tools are not there in CFA which CPA covers. Anyway worldwide, CFA are more in demand as compared to CPA. There are positions at the big 4 for investment and finance but the department will be small as compared to financial firms as they are accounting firms and finance is not their concern. The way i see it or anyone in the financial world would say u r better off working in financial firms. As CFAs are now more in demand compared to MBAs in finance. U will be in great demand as compared to MBAs.

best of luck!!! for ur level 3

btw i am appearing for my level 1 this june, any advice from your side would be deeply appreciated



(I’m going off topic here) If you put in the tme, level I should be fine. Memorize formulas and concepts, you will be fine. FYI, despite the fact that the material isn’t super-hard, you will likely feel a lot of pressure though because it is very very long.

I was working for a Big 4 firm while I was taking the exams so that it would help me get a new job and get out. Does that help?