Anyone work in MidEast?

Recently left my position (actually last year) at Comm RE lender and in graduate program. Got an offer from a Developer/AssetMnger in MidEast (UAE) as summer associate. I have been looking for about 3 weeks for NYC for summer positions with no luck and seriously thinking of getting outta dodge for summer. No clue what to expect. Any opinions/suggestions?

Depends on how good the offer is, but if I understood correctly this is just a summer internhsip. If it was a full-time position, I would have more advice for you. A summer position can be a good experience, anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that things slow down a bit in the summer in the UAE as it is extremely hot and most people use their vacations at that time. Dubai is pretty expensive nowadays but you can still save some good money there because its tax-free.

Yeah this is a summer position. I have to be back in grad school in fall in NYC. forget full time employment i am having issues seeking out a paid internship (and thats with 4 years of very relevant experience).

If it’s paid, then it sounds like a neat opportunity to get some experience and travel to a different part of the world, without worries of being stuck out there. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want it at your stage.