Anyone write for Seeking Alpha?

I’m curious how the compensation works… Seems like its $35 flat for a “pro” article assuming it get selected by the editors and then $0.01 per page view…

What are the average page views? How strict is the criteria to get an article selected as Pro? Is it worth it to try and make some extra money?

From what i’ve seen, many articles have little value from an investing standpoint… “Top 10 lists”/ summarizing latest earnings release, “the new iwatch will sell billions!!” general opinion articles.

Yeah, I just can’t read this stuff. It’s written by hopeless noobs. Title: “An argument for a coming decline in ___”, as if some noob making up wordy intellectual arguments on the internet makes things so. If you end up writing for them, please raise the bar!

But their ‘Wall Street Breakfast’ daily email is good, just the facts, brief.

i use seeking alpha as a starting point. a lot of summaries are very well done. you can easily fact check afterwards. there may be errors here and there by “noobs” but if u read multiple summaries, u get a quicker overview and better understanding when u get read the sec filings.

You’re not compensated for your time all that well if you plan to do a decent analysis with a meaniful outcome (buy/sell with target based on some sort of valuation criteria). A good article will take you awhile to write (40-50 hours) which might net you $100; the biggest issue with seekingalpha is after you ‘intiate coverage’ and invest significant time/resoruces into understanding the company, you may or may not not have your future articles published if the theme is similar to your previous article.

The successful seekingalpha ‘research analysts’ aren’t actually analysts, they’re journalist who pump out 3 or 4 articles a day and who have 5-10k in followers. The more articles you push the less insighful they are which makes seeking alpha a fairly poor resource for in-depth research.

Frankie does. Or kinda does. Not sure actually.

im pretty sure some analysts post there crap there to talk their book. i’ve often considered posting work i’ve done there juss to help other brothers out who have to read this stuff. but u kno, i never do cuz im a wuss and i dont really kno whats gucci with compliance