Anyone written level 3 more than 3 times here?

What are your thoughts?

Passed or still battling it?

How many times did you write L3?



At this point it could become cheaper and more efficient to do a MSC

2013: band 8

2014: band 10

2015: ???

I truly hope this was the last time.

rooting for you!

who is this jabroni hashtags, he is my kind of guy.



2008: band 9

2009: band 10

2010: decided i need to keep my sanity and not to continue with the silliness of this exam.

2014: coworker was taking level 2 and i stupidly agreed to take L3 in 2015 if he passed. He passed.

2015: ?

I’m always impressed with the determination of these people. The humility it must take to keep going is something to be admired. For 90% of the jobs, I would hire someone that took this path over the dude or dudette that passed all three in just over 18 months, all else equal of course.

srsly? so someone who actually put in the extra time to do them all right the first time doesn’t deserve the job over someone who half-asses a part several times in a row till they finally pass?

as a potential 18-month passer, this irks me.

So if we want a job from you and we know we can pass, we should just fail a couple years first and then pass? So much logic i can’t comprehend!

Are you trolling or is this a serious statement?

Definitely serious. First, you deserve nothing regardless. I took level 1 December 2009 and passed level 3 June 2011, having two jobs at the time(luck played a huge role. I certainly didn’t ace them all), but I don’t work nearly as long and hard as most. Probably why I only work for myself now. I said 90%, not all. Most jobs are better filled by hard workers with something to prove than with self proclaimed “rock stars” that think they desrve something.

you said all else equal, which means they work just as hard as the other, but one is smarter…failing to see the logic here.

even if no “all else equal”, how can you make the conclusion that someone isn’t a hard worker because they passed all of the exams in a row?



Good point…I should have said not having additional information about applicant. Was trying to avoid hearing about the exceptions. Bad use of phrase on my part.