Anything funny happen at your test center?

In St. Louis, there was a Level 3 guy that had a mega-sized bag of skittles on his desk while he and his buddy were devouring them before the a.m. session started. The proctor came over, told him to throw the bag away. So he and his buddy walk over to the water cooler table and start stuffing their pockets with skittles. That was the most exciting thing that happened here.

Chicago had the token ‘suit guy’. There’s always one. What’s their deal?

In the Philippines, they put the exam on hold because "a candidate got ‘ill’ ". You can see the anxious looks on everyone’s faces as no one really knew what actually going on and for how long the exam will remain on hold. Close to a hundred candidates took the chance to take a bathroom break while the water cooler got somewhat crowded. I don’t know… there were probably some “whispers” that took place during that 30 minute intermission.

don’t know if it is funny…but our proctor ordered to stop writting 2 min before the deadline. People complained and the proctor apologied before to give back the 2min. How can this happend ?!!

I don’t understand why they don’t use a giant LCD clock with a 3 hour countdown. Wheel in one of those giant portable highway signs and put the countdown on it

I don’t understand why they don’t use a giant LCD clock with a 3 hour countdown. Wheel in one of those giant portable highway signs and put the countdown on it


Funniest thing happened in my exam.

It was close to coming up to time on the exam and just as the proctor called “time up, pens down” the dude sitting 2 rows behind me with a suit and flat cap on just kept on writing. He didn’t stop!! As the proctor was collecting everyones papers he was still writing and looking through his exam booklet… I thought he was either deaf of stupid.

So the proctor came up to him after all the other exams had been collected up and said ‘we can’t accept your paper’. Then the candidate closed his book, stood up and said. ‘Don’t you know who i am?’. .The proctor says ‘no’ and the candidate says, ‘good. And slides his exam into the middle of the massive pile of other exams he was holding onto’.,… and like a baller he walked out of there.


That’s alpha as fuck. Except, that, you know, the proctor surely identified him by his seat number and voided his exam.

What I saw on saturday, though, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy in front of me is writing way past the “stop writing” call, and is still writing when the proctor is collecting the exam books. The proctor has to tell him like 2 times to stop writing and give him his exam book. The guy finally stops writing after the proctor has been standing like 5 seconds in front of him. Proctor didn’t signal any sign of sanction or anything. WTF.

Seriously! Waav!

I was done with 59/60 q. I was about to the mark the 60th q in the answersheet, when proctor said time up.

I really wanted to take a chance of 5 secind to circle, but the probability of getting voided stopped me.

Hope no band 10 for me


Sounds way too familiar…

You dont happen to watch suits do you?

In my case the guy sharing the table with me wrote the morning exam with a pencil ! The stupid fella kept on shaking the table violently as he erased and rewrote the lines n erased again multiple times…i lost my concentration in between but didnt had the time to even look at this guys face given the time crunch in AM…

well… last 3 exams (this one was my second attempt at L3) was held at Intercontinental Jakarta. This time they decided to move it to the next hotel. half an hour before exam started, while people were lining up to register, the electricity went out… i sneakead a look inside the hall, it was pitch black. at close to 9 am the proctors made rounds telling people to stay put and dont go anywhere as 'we are waiting for the elecricity to go back up" and people were murmuring… “refund…refund…” thank God the electricity went up, but it was 40 mins delay.

Here are my weird exam day experiences:


So I sat for L3 on Saturday and like last year I chose Munich as my test center. By doing so I have a chance to visit my family and dig in on some delicious food over the weekend. However, getting to Munich from my old folks home is a 1.5h drive on the Autobahn, which does not bother me since I believe a nice short 120mph stint is just the thing to get your senses up in the morning.

What I did not have on my radar at all was the fact that the G7-summit was taking place nearby and the police was monitoring traffic to and from the area. I had to cross a national border to get to Munich and sure enough just a few miles after the border traffic was coerced into a single slow-moving lane. Police cars were going up and down the closed lane, checking every car for suspicious behavior. At first I thought to myself that this was quite a nuissance, but it did not bother me much because I was early enough and I could make up for the lost time going 150mph after the checkpoint - until I noticed a police car driving head to head with me, blue-lights flashing and not moving on. I turned my head and looked the officer right in the face and gave him the “bother someone else look”. But then I realized. I was wearing dark sunglasses, a shemag around my neck (because I had a cold) and I did not shave my gross CFA-learning-depression beard. Cold sweat started pouring down my back and I already pictured myself in a holding cell for a few hours. As if to add gravitas to the situation, a the head of the officer sitting in the passanger seat popped up like in a stupid comic and they both kept staring at me, occasionally making frantic gestures. I broke eye contact and stared mechanically straight ahead while burying my fingernails into to steering wheel with a pulse well above 180. After another minute or so (and probably after they had run the license plate) they moved on. After the checkpoint I stopped at the next gas station, went to the bathroom and let cold water flow over my wrists, because otherwise I would have exploded for sure.

Definitely didn’t happen. As already said it’s from suits.

And at the exam it’s pretty easy. There are seat numbers. So he would have just gone back to the front to write a report using the seat number and section. The sentence “we can’t accept your paper” is stupid anyway. They’ll never let you take the book with you, they’ll always collect it, no matter what violation you did.

LOL, Marshawn Lynch is a Level III candidate? Never would have guessed.

The dude monitoring the inside of the bathroom was the most uncomfortable person in the entire building.

I don’t know what everyone else’s test center looked like, but in NY they gathered us into large convention center like halls, with probably 500+ candidates in each hall all broken up into different sections. You know how you’re supposed to sit quietly until they collect all the papers after the exam? Well, after sitting quietly for about 30 minutes after the PM, people began grumbling amonst each other, serously, how long could it take to collect and count some tests? Each section of about 50 candidated had 3-4 proctors… 3-4 people cant count to 50 in under 30 minutes? Anyway, after what seemed like eternity, one guy in the section next to me, from the back of the room, gets up and starts walking torward the proctors, holding an exam book… I’m thinking to myself, dammmmn, sucks to be that guy, but as it turns out, it wasn’t only him, the proctors in the section next to me forgot to collect FOUR EXAMS! from TWO DIFFERNT TABLES!, in a room with NOTHING ELSE on the WHITE desks but a large DARK GREY exam book and not one of the four of them thought to check the tables for a HALF HOUR as they obvously couln’t reconcile the number of exams they had collected. Then, and this is all true, they couldn’t find an admission ticket… they started walking the rows, checking the floor, checking the tables, asking people… at the same time by the way, no one is quiet anymore, there’s significant chatter in the room, and the way the room was designed, probably only about 100-150 candidates of the 500 in there are privilege to this display of intelligence… I can’t imagine what the other 300+ were thinking for a half hour. Either way, after about five minutes, they finally found the last admission ticket… it was in the damn pile…