Anything funny?

I mentioned in another thread that, for me anyway, the last week freak has begun. I went through this yesterday and I thought it was kind of funny. I was driving to the office to sit for a “walk through”. (I did book 6 3 am then bag lunch then the pm. exam conditions.) Anyway, I am in the car and kind of running through in my head what I need to get together for the week. When I got to “photo ID” I remembered that last fall I did the lost wallet thing. (left it on the roof of the car, running late, kids yelling, that kind of deal) Anyway, I got a new license but I had my wife order it online and in NY if you don’t go to the dmv they send you a temp to give you some time to get down and pay for the full shot renewal. I’ve looked at it but at that moment I had no idea if it was say a 3 month temp. Then I quickly thought about my passport. I last renewed for the honeymoon. I couldn’t remember if the passport was good for 7-years or 10. We just did the 7 year aniv thing the first week of May. So for 10 minutes I had the fullcourt press anxiety. “no Mrs. gov’t employee, I can’t wait 10 business days for mail. I need this photo id for a test THIS Sat.” I even went with “is it an ethics violation if I get a fake id online? I mean the id could have all my real info on it just a different expiration date? damn, violation that won’t work.” I mean I checked my ID like they say to do in that CFAI email a month or so back so it wasn’t like I didn’t check this recently. But that just wasn’t enough. What if I misread it? I seriously had to pull the damn car over, dig out the license, and call my wife to check my passport. The license is cool til 2010 and the passport is 10 yeas so 2011. sweet as candy, just like it was when I checked it the last time… and just like it will be the next time I check it before I head out next week. Anyway, I had to laugh and say out loud, “dude, you are really losing your sh*t.”

I flew to the US three weeks ago and only carried hand baggage which automatically makes you a suspect on an intercontinental flight. So this guy opens up my bag and starts to go through the entire Asset valuation book page by page. When I kindly asked him if he could write me a summary if he was planning to go through every page, he made me sit and wait for an hour before letting me into this great country of the united states. Bad joke, apparently.

LOL! Good stuff.

i can’t leave a conference room that i’ve been studying in without double checking that i didn’t drop anything (like the whole curriculum, calculator and secret sauce) under chairs. even the chairs that are on the other side of the table. i’ve become obsessive compulsive about it. once i went back in after another meeting had convened to check. i knew how retarded that was. but seriously. what if i lost it?

i was considering tearing up all those unused LOS cards - and using them as scrap paper for writing phone numbers , useless recipes, scribbling during office meetings… just the thought made me feel guilty…so I stopped thinking about it…