Apartment Art

the bachelor pad is looking very empty and in need of some wall art/space fillers. anyone have any good ideas on where to start?

Depends on what you like, I’ve got a print of a formula 1 car racing in the rain on my wall. Will probably do 1 or 2 more motor racing themed ones.

something you can describe that has some greater depth to it. chicks like that

You should make your apartment devoid of all furniture except one 6’x10’ $30k painting. Maybe shove one mattress in the corner to sleep on. That would be pretty boss and people will assume you are very deep or something.

Did you hear Paul Allen has a tanning bed in his apartment? Be sure to tell Jean to be on the lookout for one.

I got some big prints from Ikea and Target in my place, but I really am probably not the guy to model your life after.

A group of pics in coordinated/aligned fjallsta frames (IKEA), wall coat rack, cool mirror, side table, “an object” that you can tell a story about, a throw and some stylish pillows (for your sofa). #yourewelcome

I got a pretty cool painting in NJ home goods. But you have to get through the piles of nonsensical lilies

Seriously?!! IKEA!!! lol!

I got a few paintings. One is abstract picture of the favella in Rio…it’s a big colourful 4x3ft painting, I have a few photos of doors and specials places in Argentina and a couple of canvas worthy pictures from my treking in Patagonia… I have aslo painted a few pictures myself.

Why not head down to a local art market and see what they have, or next time you’re on holiday go and look for originals that you like. Will be 100x better and might only cost you a hundred.

with used condoms all over the place and bright white walls…

where’d you get these? Big F1 fan here I was at Indy in 2006 when schumi took the win

fantastic idea although I’d have to take out a loan to frame the thing. I do like the idea of having one piece with greater depth to it, but it seems like a lot of time and effort to go searching for that right piece

Think of it as an alternative investment. Do some research and buy an original work – with the hopes of selling it at a gain down the road.

The horse is one of only three appropriate subjects for a painting, along with ships with sails, and men holding up swords while staring off into the distance. - Jack Donaghy


Awesome, I went to COTA in 2012, good thing we got to enjoy the V8 sound while it lasted.

I looked at a good number of paintings/prints before I picked one out. I wanted something less bold than the close up, bold, almost photograph like prints.


  • never bought from them but they have been around for a looong time, fwiw


  • bought my print from them, got a really good deal, don’t see it listed anymore. can snap a pic when I get back in town. there is a way to get a 10% discount code if you want to order (I think by signing up for the newsletter or facebook)


  • these guys sells memorabila that can be used for display/art


  • will have some interesting display pieces ($$$$$$)


  • offical F1 store


They sell track outlines and wood murals of famous racetracks.

I didn’t even wear earplugs this year and I was on the straight across from the pits for most of the race.

If you’re looking for art on a budget, I’d recommend supporting a local artist. In my city there are a few collectives that host shows where you can go talk to the artist etc. These aren’t high-end events, just casual chatting, boozing and looking at art. Find one artist you like and buy a few pieces.

^^ This is what you should do!

You should make the piece a talking point. Maybe talk to the artist about how he was feeling or the motivation behind the painting. When people walk into your pad, and ask you about it, you will have something interesting to say as opposed to ‘ikea print’

i just frame my stock/bond certificates

If you are in NYC, there is an “Affordable arts fair” coming up in early September. Search for

it on FB. I might still go even though I don’t need a painting anymore.