Apartment with open Floor Plan

any of you BSDs live in an apartment with an open floor plan and can confirm that having no walls dividing the kitchen and the living room will make the whole place smell like food?

Is open floor plan even worth it or is traditional style better?

like this place


if one day a person cooks salmon, will the sofa smell like salmon for days?

Um if you have a good ventilation system it shouldn’t be a problem. I mean I have an open plan and even though I don’t really cook a lot I’ve never has smells get on my furniture.

This sounds like some terrible salmon - wow.

If you move into an open floor plan apartment, can you keep dressing the same way as before or are you required to start wearing round glasses and hipster vintage clothing? Please advise, tanks.

Except for my first apartment after college, I think every place I’ve lived, including houses, have had an open floor plan. It’s nice because the demarcation of rooms is somewhat up to you, so you can have it flow how you want. This also means you need to decide how you want it set up instead of having the set up determined for you.

Most people don’t have completely enclosed kitchens with the door closed to the living area, so I don’t think food smell would be any worse. This is, of course, assuming that you servants quarters and kitchen where most of the food preparation happens is on a sealed off separate floor,

sounds a lot like a studio

Open floor plans are standard in every size of homes nowadays, since people’s role in the household is integrated and people tend to share more responsibilities. In the past, the wife would go into the kitchen to make meatloafs, and the dude will sit in some parlor and smoke cigar. Today, both will do cooking, cleaning, chasing baby around, and so on. Therefore, open floor plan is more practical and efficient.

In terms of kitchen smells, I think it’s more a function of home size. 1br apartment will have kitchen smells whether or not there is a room for the kitchen. Ventilation is also important, as is the frequency at which you cook potent foods like lamb rogan josh or alu gobi.

^ Luckily you don’t have to worry about those aromas seeping into your parents basement, amirite??6

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I don’t know what the problem is, as I often prepare a delicious matar paneer or vindaloo for my family and then observe how the house fills with the aroma of these foods.

I have open floor plan on first floor of my house. Get a decent 500cfm+ hood and you will have no smell

The smell of fresh baked bread or a pot roast slowly braising in the oven ain’t a bad thing…

Chicken vinaigrette is even better, although my wife isn’t keen on the whole house smelling of red wine vinegar.