After stress, anger, and depression and finally apathy, I think you are in trouble.

What are your thoughts?

Well, apathy is arguably more healthy than anger, depression or stress.

You are in real trouble when you have alabotamy.

Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.

Sub, what happened? A king in your regular LARP gathering expelled you from the kingdom?

That, yes. And also, job sucks. :frowning:

Im in an apathetic stage now. It’s definitely the least constructive phase of the ones you mentioned. But also the least painful.

It’s similar to when you lose a lot of money in poker or investing - you drop below the threshold of pain and you stop caring. I think this is also alluded to in Kahneman’s theory, where risk profiles change as function of how much you are up or down.

Life’s hard baby, unless you are a monk or a multimillionaire. Otherwise, come to Bombay, soon you’ll feel immune to Apathy, or lack of Empathy or anything of that sort, it’s a heartless bitch.

start a business, any business. seriously it’s the best way to re-engage in your life. i know a couple guys who did this after a stretch of unemployment. doesn’t even have to be something you’re particularly ‘expert’ at, just something you can boot strap.

A new business … or you can start drinking like a pirate in his birthday and see where it goes after that.