Apparent misprint regarding HP 12c usage during test

Hi all,

I just got my exam ticket today and on the page that has the testing policies I noticed it says the following: “You may only use the Texas Instruments BAII Plus (including the BAII Plus anniversary edition, and 12C 30th anniversary edition) during the exam. No other calculators are permitted.”

Later on down it says “The Texas Instruments BAII Plus cover contains a keystroke card; the Hewlett Packard 12C has keystrokes printed on the back of the calculator. You may refer to these keystroke instructions during the exam”

The one thing that caught my eye is that in the first paragraph cited, the Hewlett Packard was not specifically mentioned, yet the 12C acronym was mentioned (apparently mistakenly as a subset to the TI calculators), then mentioend again later.

It appears 99% likely this is some mistake and they simply forgot to say …“and the Hewlett Packard 12C (including the 30th anniversary edition)” in the first sentence.

I just like to check up on these things because CFAI is a bigtime stickler for details.

Im wondering about the BAII plus professional. I know it was allowed last year, I guess I will have to double check.