Apparently CO2 emission might have saved civilization

The study links historical periods of low atmospheric CO2 concentration to the onsets of ice ages. However, human activity, including but not limited to agriculture, have moved CO2 concentration away from these low levels. Time to buy an Escalade, for the children.

Everyone needs to read “The Rational Optimist”, by Matt Ridley. I checked it out from the local library. You will break out of the intellectual box you’ve been fed. Change is everywhere. Embrace it. Love it. Fossil fuels have been, and are in fact, man’s greatest hope. By the way, Ridley doesn’t argue against the Global Warming Zealots, he just shows how the fear mongering is way off base. Their very agenda hurts the very way of life they claim to be trying to protect. Talk about irony, or maybe evil. I’m going with irony just so I don’t go completely bonkers. Ridley even sees a world where no fossil fuels are burned and energy is provided by inventions not imagined yet. Just an incredible book.

In case you missed it. Led Greenpeace for 15 years. Wake up people.

Once you start M&A’in on the buy side you can get it off Amazon

But you can borrow the ebook for free. Oh wait, I see. You’re claiming I’ll be able to afford to purchase rather than borrow. Got it…

And there’s the proof, right in BRK insurance claims. Have to love Buffett though, he certainly believes his liberal cred greases his business. Hell, he even got his first wife to support his philandering. The man is a master. "Up to now, climate change has not produced more frequent nor more costly hurricanes nor other weather-related events covered by insurance. As a consequence, U.S. super-cat rates have fallen steadily in recent years, which is why we have backed away from that business. "

Does buffet browse this site for my Pascal’s Wager bit? ILS premiums are also shrinking due to a large influx in capital to the market in recent years. So many new hedge funds set up and took on the risk. Really interesting market.

Probably more likely to have been reading Bertrand Russell, he destroys the reasoning in his book “Why I’m not a Christian”, or any warming zealot propaganda over the last twenty years. Did you think that was an original attempt at a parallel?

Not particularly, I just never read it anywhere.

What are some of your favorite non-fiction books? How old are you? What did you study in school? What level of education have you obtained? Just sincere questions. You seem to be growing up in real time.