Apple Event Today


How long did you wait in line to attend?

Big fan of AAPL (the stock and its products) although I’ll admit I don’t see why there would be any market for this outside of fitness.


I thought you were joking.

“The Apple Watch sport will start at $449 for the smaller, 38-mm model. The standard version of the watch will start at $699 and the high end “Edition” watch will be priced from $13,000.”

Am I reading this right… It is an Iphone peripheral which requires you to have an iphone. battery only lasts 5 hours under heavy use. Wouldnt you just get pissed off at looking at the tiny screen and then take the 2 seconds to pull out your phone. Just curious, who is willing to pay for this?

People drop five figures on wrist watches that do nothing other than tell time. Paying $600 for one that does that plus at least four other things isn’t that big a stretch.

So it comes with BSD engraved on it?

Yeah but high end lifetime watches are classic and last. A crapple iWatch or whatever is gaurunteed to be obsolete so in three years you’ll have a hunk of crap you’ll be liquiditing on for $50

I don’t believe that the Apple watch has GPS in it, right? Even the Sport model? I’m not that opposed to a smartwatch but I can’t find a good value-add feature. Sony’s SW has GPS and is waterproof which is great for running/biking/swimming, so competes with Garmin/Polar, but nowhere near the battery life. If you could make a cool Apple Watch with Garmin functionality/battery life, then I’d be interested… But opening these up to developers helps with that, so it’s coming - just a matter of when.

The same people who are willing to wait in line for three days in 28-degree rain, just to be the first to have a relatively useless Apple product. In other words, Palantir.

This is the first project developed from start to finish without Jobs and I think it shows in a lot of ways. I feel like Jobs wouldn’t even have cleared this thing to go forward.

But then again I thought the iPad was unnecessary so there’s that. To be fair though I never bought one and only use my corporate one about once a month and dislike that.

The funny thing is many people stopped wearing watches since they found themselves looking at their phone to see what time it is.

Now this watch is aiming to get people to stop looking at their phone.

The Circle of Life

Having grown up in the ‘baby g’ generation I have a soft spot for clunky watches with flashy bands, but I’m sorry my tastes have evolved a bit and these things are ugly.

I can see the plus for calendar notifications, texts, etc- I don’t usually wear pockets and with my bag it’s a hassle to reach to when I’m commuting. Bummer it’s not waterproof.

Does anyone have a list of its functions? I googled half heartedly and couldn’t find one. Would be cool if it has a camera, like gopro on your hand. Ok the images would be motion sickness inducing, but still. How exactly do you call from the watch? Do you need an ear piece too? I’m sorry this is just cheesy spy movies now.

And I get luxury watches are priced in the 5 figure range, but this isn’t exactly a luxury watch is it. I mean, you’re paying the price of 5 giant tvs for a tiny limited-functionality smartphone? I don’t get it.

A lot of young couples could just about fund their retirement or start a charity by avoiding Apple products. I’ve been in homes with five Ipads, five Macs and of course everyone has an iphone. Now they’re going to add five hundred dollar bracelets…I have a $130 Acer tablet, mostly to act as a moving map for my boat. Not quite sure what extra utility I would get out of an iPad.

You are underestimating him. He camped in front of the venue ever since the event was announced.

I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that they have priced models >$10k or the fact that some people are actually going to buy them. I’ll stick with a Rolex Submariner or GMT and still have enough left over to buy an iPhone off contract and an iPad.

I love the idea of this watch because it gives me an easy way to tell whether a person is an idiot.

I liked the title of this article:

Apple Watch bands tell the world which version you could afford

I actually may be tempted to try the Sport. Not because I feel like dumping $350/$400 on a watch + accessories, but my company gave me an iPad mini for Christmas and I don’t need it, so I returned it to Apple for $400 worth of their stuff. So, I wouldn’t buy the watch on my own, but I would accept it as a gift. Hopefully there will be third party bands that aren’t as awful as the sport bands that are pretty clearly designed to make you want the more expensive model.

I do suspect we will discover all sorts of very useful things that a computer on your wrist can do that maybe the phone won’t be able to do. Though there are also interesting questions (will you be allowed to drive while wearing a watch, given that in many places you’re not allowed to drive while looking at your phone). Someone can’t use ApplePay with your phone, because they need your thumbprint… but what if they ApplePay with your watch (I’m sure they have an answer to that, though I don’t know what it is)?

I don’t mind paying for a nice watch, but given that in a year or two, an Apple watch with a faster processer and more memory and whatever is going to come out, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be obsolete (and with design changes, obviously so), I don’t see the point. In 10 years, the watch will still tell the time (if you can find chargers and new batteries for it), but it probably won’t be able to run any software that isn’t hopelessly obsolete.

Plus, the things are kind of ugly, in the 1980s cell-phone kind of way, just with rounded corners.

Admittedly, for $17,000, it is possible to get one that’s less ugly.

Goodbye Michael Kors, Fossil, Armani and other shitty Fashion Watch brands.