Apple to replace AT&T in DJIA

In case you haven’t heard: Apple is going to replace AT&T in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Do you think this will have a major impact on the stock price of AT&T or Apple?

Well, AAPL is up and T is down today, so it might be part of that. In addition to other things, a lot of index funds will have to sell T and buy AAPL on March 19.

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DJIA index funds?? really, can’t think of any. (except DIA)

AT&T net income is 6.2b. thats more than home depot 5.3b, dupont 3.6, travellers 900m… etc - it just demonstrates how bad the index is.

^ The Index is not intended to be the 30 largest.

…therefore arbitary and meaningless.

That’s my view on the DJIA.

The reason AT&T got knocked out is because of the Visa split. The 4 for split 1 will reduce the price of Visa and that will reduce the information technology weight in the index (Visa is counted as a tech stock). Adding Apple balances out the reduction therefore they had to remove one technology stock and it was AT&T. Knocking a stock from another sector would change the weightings of the index.

Wait so the DJIA is adding commodity exposure? Must be so!

^lol. I came to this thread only because I saw Palantir commented. And I wasn’t disappointed