Holy smack - down 14% after hours on disappointing 2Q outlook. Time to buy?

damn it. Time to average down.

I would avg down if I could…but my avg is 77 bucks a pop right now.

The iPod sales appear to be the red meat for the bears on it???

Fundamentals says no… Just look at the P/E vs. Sectors 30-32X vs. 12-14X…Technical says buy (i.e. have a look at its MACD) and with the new thin lap top and movie rental business they could surprise the market with high sales despite the low consumer spending. Apple fans will always be there and tend to pay the buck for the product no matter how much. It’s a coin toss if you ask me. I think LT it would be a good investment.

No, the 14% down is just the price correcting itself to the massive overbuild up leading up to Job’s keynote at Macworld. Happens every year, only last year it stuck because Job’s dropped the I-phone on us. This year there were rumers of I-phone 2 and Silverthorn that most analysts knew to be false and announced as such. However, traders rode the optimism wave in the months leading up and began selling the week before. It’s like a giant game of chicken each year beginning Dec. 1, backed by speculation on what the actual release will be during the macworld Jobs keynote.

Also, agreeing with what N.Van said, its priced as a growth stock, and statistically with the exception of a few outliers your better building portfolios on value stocks. Not to mention the fact that I am adamently against stock picking investing based on charts (ups and downs).