I got today an email from CFAI telling me that my application for the june 2009 exam was declined cuz i responded with a yes to one of their professional conduct inquiries by mistake , i emailed them back telling them it was a mistake since i was doing the registration process like 2 am in the morning after a long work day , what do u think guys , do they believe in what we say in emails or i am already doomed ?

If you wrote them back in the same way you typed this message I would say they probably would stick to their guns. Most likely though they will understand.

dude, that sucks. they should understand…

i hope so…

My buddy did the same thing last year. He sat for the exam. No worries.

tell me one good reason why shuld you be allowed to sit for the test, if you are careless while filling up your registration then i would care less if you sat for the test or not

nutshell, I am sure they will make you sign the forms again and let you enroll.

thank you guys alot for your responses and support , i really hope that i will sit for the exam specially that i am a returning candidate who couldnt have the time to study for the june 2008 exam. CFA_Werewolf , i wasnt careless at all, i already filled it right for june 2008 exam, i was just so tired after 16 hours of work , plus we are human beings , we do mistakes…

good news!!! , they got my email in which i stated that the response was an error and my registration is now confirmed.

told ya, ese!!! cuidado la proxima vez, ok papi!?!

Looks like you failed Level 0.