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I know I can’t stop obsessing about iPhones, but I think I am falling in love with this thing (sorry AF ladies). The iPhone is proving to be useful for work and investing in general; currently, I have the following applications installed: Toodledo - this helps me organize sh!t that I have to do for work, such as contacting people, organizing project tasks, and making appointments. It syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and also its own website. The calendar is pretty good and reminders are sent to my phone. The application is intuitive and can automatically rank how to use your time efficiently based on due dates and priorities. Evernote - I use this application to clip an article online on my computer and see it on my iPhone. Say for example I read an interview with Michael Mauboussin on his new book on my computer. I can clip the site which contains the article (or the article itself), write a note about it, and put it in its own separate online folder. The iPhone application then syncs with the folder and I can read the article and the note on my phone while simultaneously setting a task to remember to purchase the book. Dictionary - This one also comes with a Thesaurus and doesn’t require me to be connected to the internet since all the data is stored on the phone (except for audio clips). Wikipedia - This past weekend while out and needing to kill time, I read Donald Trump’s biography to remind how much of an a$$ he is. Morningstar - This isn’t actually a mutual fund news application, but rather a list of stock, mutual fund, and ETF ideas for the day. I recently got this application so I haven’t used it extensively, and although I’m not particularly a big fan of Morningstar, there are good summaries for stocks that include company profiles and SWOT analyses. Perhaps this app could serve as a starting point for research. PUMA Index - You can visit the Puma website to learn more about this one :wink: Y! Finance - All the stock quote, interviews, and charts from Yahoo! Finance in a very sleek interface. There are also Tech Ticker videos on there which stream very quickly. Some of the videos are actually gems (like the Vitaliy Katsenelson interview a few months ago). iSwim - This links to an unfunded ThinkorSwim account I have. I originally used the account for quotes and paper trading but the application is more geared towards option traders. Whu anyone would trade options from on their phone is beyond me, however, you can set up straddles, calendar spreads and other slightly complex positions. This may or may not make you look smart, depending on who you’re showing this feature to. Bloomberg - This one is good for worldwide, US market, and Canadian market news. You can also stream Bloomberg on the Economy (I think you can do all this with the Blackberry too) but I generally don’t listen to their podcasts. WSJ - Same deal as Bloomberg. Also includes WSJ video. FT Mobile - Same deal as the others but also includes a currency converter. This one has a very sleek interface and you can turn the phone sideways for easier reading and scrolling. Businessweek - I used the application to make my own list of news and analysis articles that go under Business Schools and Small Business. Very handy. Forbes Intelligent Investing - This one also includes video. Good interviews (I just watched one interview of Bruce Berkowitz on bank stocks) and it streams very fast on 3G. A whole schwack of other news applications such as CNN Money, Canadian Business, Globe and & Mail, NYTimes, Thomson Reuters, BBC News homepage, Time Magazine Economist - Since I am a subscriber, I get free access to the audio podcasts of each edition, which are read by people who sound intelligent with their British accents. Every week, my iPhone syncs to my iTunes and I have a brand new Economist that I can listen to on the train or wherever. Each article is a new track and it’s easy to cycle through each edition with the headphones remote. From now on, if I like something, I’ll plan to write a task to read it again in the actual magazine or online. Consuelo Mack - Same deal as the Economist. Every week, my iTunes syncs with my iPhone and I have a brand new video podcast of Wealth Track I can watch. Very nice and highly recommended since the videos are short, to the point, and sometimes feature some all-star money managers. MBA Podcaster - Every week, beatthegmat people release tips for prospective students. Includes interviews with alumni and admission committee personnel at various top b-schools. I find this podcast to be very useful. Grammar Girl - Weekly tips on how not to write foolishly. The Public Speaker - Not particularly great but some decent tips here and there. TED - This one is especially good. I can see a list of latest TED videos, stream them, search for older videos, listen to audio, and tag favorites to see in a separate list. Financecalc - Exact replica of the TI BAII Plus calculator - for free I might add. Ananda would be proud (and probably jealous). Mathematics - All your trig identities, differentiation rules, and a bunch of others. Good way to brush up for the GMAT I assume. Excel Tips - This -->,1068083 but in an application for the iPhone. Convert Everything - Convert everything from imperial to metric and vice versa; translate text to different languages (including outside of the latin alphabet). True story: I translated “free calculator” into Hindi and sent it to Ananda in Delhi. He then proceeded to cry profusely. Ping! - iPhone’s version of the BB Messenger. It works decently but still has some bugs to be fixed. Hey, it’s a start. RK Free - If I go for a run, this tracks my mileage and pace using the iPhone’s GPS. It also shows my route which I can upload to the computer. It’s like Nike+ but better since GPS, I assume, would be more accurate than a pedometer. Lose It - I can put in my target weight, how many calories I burn when exercising, and the application will calculate my target caloric intake each day. I can then add food from a large database and measure how close I am to that target accordingly. I can make weekly and monthly plans and I am willing to bet I can upload it to a website. I can also keep a log of my exercises. E-mail - While Blackberries have a good e-mail set-up, I really enjoy the e-mail browsing functionality of the iPhone. This is especially true when reading PDF attachments - you just can’t beat the intuitive zoom features. Someone here recently sent me a research report and I was able to browse through it with ease on the way home. Obviously the screen is small, but I sill found it decent in terms of browsing through charts and numbers. Much quicker than the Blackberry Bold (which my dad has). Phone - No problems thus far. Conference calling is easy. I hope this summary helps you in making a decision if you are torn between choosing either the Blackberry or iPhone. Cheers, TheNumiMan :slight_smile:

is your next essay going to be about the meaning of life? : )

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I know I can’t stop obsessing about iPhones, but I > think I am falling in love with this thing (sorry > AF ladies). sniffle, sniffle, tear :…(

Actually, I need to make a disclosure here: some of these recommendations came from daviskr, so we must thank her :wink:

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Best of all: Dropped calls on the AT&T network.

ancientmtk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Best of all: Dropped calls on the AT&T network. is it that bad? guess it depends on where you live. i’ve been using Tmob for almost 5 years and never had such a problem, sometimes you can’t get a coverage but when there’s it’s reliable.

in my area AT&T sucks balls. I think ATT sucks balls in general.

TheAliMan, Any new discoveries?

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