Applying for Charter


I have 3 years of rock solid work experience (APM at hedge fund) but my prior work experience, a job I worked full time while in school, was in real estate. The real estate job was mostly sales but I did some financial projections (like 1% of the time) as well as helped price some of the residential development. I worked this real estate job for 4 years, 2.5 of which were full time. After passing today I really want to get this over with and although I could wait another year, I’d really like to apply for the charter. Is there any harm in doing so? If I were to write out my job description listing mostly the finance related functions, and of course my references would go to bat for me, do you think this would work? Really want my letters :slight_smile:

I waited for 4 years experience in Investment management… could have applied for the charter earlier than i did but the thing is that to me id have known that i didn’t earn it yet!!!.. now its different for everyone. in my case i loved the fact that i earned my charter by applying after completion of my experience…

I applied after almost 5 years of qualified experience (Fund Management, Trading, and Investment analysis). my total experience is around 9ish years (including banking and teaching)

Hi guys,

i applied for regular membership Sunday afternoon (uae time), yesterday…my current application dashboard shows blank under decisions days remaining…however my cfa institute application shows approved months equal to my submitted months…when I go and click on the link of application it shows me break up of each job months with approved status right next to each job (all approved)…however my application status still shows work experience under review…

any idea how come all my submitted months shows approved but overall application status still shows under review?


I am in the same situation Ashakir and would like to know as well.

Pretzel kid when did you apply and since how many days are you having the same situation

I applied Friday at 2pm U.S. EST and this morning it showed all months approved, but status still showing work experience under review.

My applications were approved in 24 hours since submission