applying for jobs internally

for those that have applied internally, are you supposed to notify your current boss each time you send out an application? does the hiring manager of the new position contact your boss before calling you for an interview? i would prefer no one telling my current boss until its finalized. any thoughts? thx.

I know for sure that at my work HR contacts your manager/director before you are considered for an interview. A couple people from my department recently took positions elsewhere in the firm.

ask the hiring manager for an informal coffee during work at startbucks. then generally ask him about the job and tell him about you informally. guage his reaction. tell him: i am interested but want to make sure that if i am not a good candidate i dont get in trouble with my manager.

at my firm you can see posted positions but they do not reveal the hiring manager. and the HR recruiter has contacted my manager in regards to particular positions I’ve applied to. However, you could talk to the recruiter about not telling your manager I guess.

Would you not talk to your manager about it first? I don’t see how you can keep it from him/her until the move is totally finalised.

I agree with the other posters here - but I would discuss it with my immeadiate supervisor first. He still has to be your reference should you be lucky to get the job. Avoid surprises. (It’s a standard HR procedure for internal applicants to clear with their direct reports, though it varies in different organizations).

Absolutely talk to your manager before applying. Frame the discussing around enhancing your career and building a more well rounded understanding of the business your company is in. Your manager will find out one way or another. If your boss hears it from someone other than you, and you don’t get the job, welcome to hell.

thanks guys!

It depends on your company, but at JPM they would not until you got an offer or they were checking references. JPM understood that it was better for the company to safeguard employees who have worked at least 12 months in their current function from their immediate supervisor when it came to changing divisions internally.

needhelp has the idea Talk to the hiring manager first. If he/she says you probably wouldn’t be the ideal candidate, then there is no reason for your boss to ever know. If the hiring manager is interested, then ask your boss if it would cause any problems if you apply for a new position. It’s best if they hear it from you and not HR or the other hiring manager. I think most supervisors wouldn’t have a problem with you trying to advance your career. Try not to offend them in the process.