Applying for membership

I’m sure this has been discussed before but my search skills are lousy so I’m asking this anyways. So I cleared level III and only have about 2 1/2 years of work experience, but I want to join my local society, and in order to do this I must apply for membership through CFAI (get 2 sponsors, and work experience approved, etc). So I go to my account homepage and hit the “apply for membership link”. It tells me I’ve already applied. How is this possible, I have no recollection of applying, I’m not that heavy of a drinker, but the system tells me I applied late last August, so I was probably mucking around the site after I passed LII or something. Anyways, since I’ve checked my membership status I’m told that I submitted my response in August 2009 and my Application type is “new” and the status is “sponsor review”. But my question is how do i delete this request and write a new legitimate one? There is an apply button that I can click but it tells me that I have a prior application that must be processed first. How has CFAI taken over a year to not review an application that would be rejected in 5 seconds with the half-assed job description I wrote when applying for L1? Any help would be much appreciated.

send the customer service (or whatever its called) a message asking to cancel your current application. I did this before.

Welcome to the crazy world of the CFA Institute. When you sign up for level 3 you automatically apply for membership even though at that time few people fill out the work experience and other sections sufficiently to have their applications processed. So you have to call or email the CFA Institute and ask them to cancel your application and then reapply. I’m not sure if that is written anywhere on the CFA website, but if it is it must be in the fine print somewhere. Very odd system. Counter-intuitive and confusing.