Applying for Two Different Roles with Same Firm... Bad Idea?

Is it a bad idea to apply to two different roles with the same firm at the same time? Say I’ll be applying for an Equity Research role and Investment Banking Analyst role with the same firm. Also, both positions require me to submit a cover letter with both applications. Should I write a separate letter for each job, or submit two identical letters that express my interest in both positions. I’m an undergrad graduating in Dec, passed L1, with no experience besides military.

I submitted my resume to Merrill for an IB position and an Equity Research person (was not HR) called me to see if I was interested in ER. I said no, but she said she would keep my resume on file if I changed my mind later. I asked her about the IB position I orignially applied for and she said that they had my resume on file as well. I don’t think they would be too concerned if they found out about both, probably more concerned with if you are qualified for the position you are applying for. I would probably write two different cover letters though. ER and IB are a bit different roles - you might have to talk more about your ability to work really hard through exhaustion and stay disciplined, etc for IB (could work in your military experience) moreso than ER. IB’s love ex-military people (at least most of my friends have got in through that pitch in the interviews).

ya absolutely use 2 diff cover letters

different cover letters. no IB will take someone who is on the edge. you will work 100 hrs a week guaranteed outta undergrad, so the bank needs to know you are committed.

My take is that its a really bad idea to try to “double-up”… I interviewed a guy for a role in my team in the past who had also submitted his cv for another role at my firm. It weakened his position immensely in my view as a significant portion of the interview focussed on his appetite for this particular role, commitment, choosing one role over the other etc vs. just wanting to get a foot in the door. Florida Gator - Why do you want to apply for two different roles?

I got a black eye before for applying in 2 different departments in the same firm. They think it is a sign of ‘cluelessness’. I do not recommend it.