Applying for Two Jobs at the Same Firm

Hi All,

I applied for a job at a small family office about a week ago. Haven’t hear back yet, as well they have another posting for a different position. The two positions have similar required qualifications and I think my skillset satisfies the responsibilities for both. I think the successful applicants in each position would be working in the same team as well.

My question is, should I apply for the second posting or does that seem desperate? Do you think the hiring manager would automatically consider me for the second position even though I did not apply directly?

Since it’s small they probably will consider you for either, I wouldn’t apply to the second one until I heard back from the first position…

Herein lies this issue. I’m not sure if it’s the same where you live, but where I live companies normally do not contact you unless they want to continue with your application.

If you are compatible with both positions, I don’t see any problem with applying for both. However, it might be useful to mention this somewhere, to avoid awkward situations later.

Guess it doesn’t hurt to apply, just don’t use the same cover letter or have contradicting stories.