Applying in Ph.D. and effect of CFA l

Hey there
I’ve got an important question
I’m a bachelor of electrical engineering
And after that, master of business administration MBA
In the MBA program, I interested in finance and investment

I want to apply a Ph.D. in these fields

Given that I do not have an academic degree in finance and all my knowledge has been self-study, does CFA help me to fill the gap in not having an academic degree in finance in my resume?

And if anyone has the same experiment, I glad to helping me

I am doing my phd from IIM in India. CFA will help you find out research problems quickly and execute. The resilience built over the years will help .

Is CFA can help me to apply more easily in Europe University?

On the CFA Institute website, there is a section on waivers from Universities for Graduate School:

CFA will not help you at all in applying to a Ph.D. Finance program. Universities don’t care and most likely won’t even know what it is. The elementary/intermediate material taught on CFA has very little relevance, if any, to the advanced concepts you would encounter at Ph.D. (risk neutral pricing, no arbitrage pricing, replication, market completeness, Itou calculus and lemma, change of probability measure, Girsanov’s theorem, martingales, change of numéraire, and so on).

There are many good reasons to study for CFA. But this is absolutely not one of them.

Can you help me figure out how to improve my resume and what is most important to professors?

Good GPA from undergraduate courses/degree, high GRE score, outstanding recommendations from professors who know you, and a compelling statement of purpose are the basics for making yourself attractive as a prospective Ph.D. student.

CFA is worthless in the application process.

There are consultants who can assist you. An internet search should throw up some firms that can help.

Be sure that you really, really want to do a Ph.D. before you start. It is a world of pain that lasts many years. You really have to have a lot of stamina and masochism, as well as just intellect, to pursue this miserable path successfully.