Applying Level I Knowledge


As I am appearing for Level II in June 2012, I am maintaining an online diary for Level II in the form of a blog. Since many candidates who appeared in Level I this December are free now a days, atleast for the time they used to take out for studying the intensive course, I decided a few days back to post news items, articles and other interesting happenigns in the world related to what you people have been studying in Level I. I have so far shared 2 posts related to Fixed Income. it would give you an opportunity to apply your knowledge and create a bridge in what you’ve been studying, I was studyign along with what that is happening in the world. For those who are planning to appear in Level II after clearing Level I, this could be advantageous in a way that it would not only keep their itnerest in these topics but also strenghten their concepts and build their practical understanding which I believe is inevitable for Level II. I hope you’ll get benefit from this effort.

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PS: All the best for your result.

Another News Pick related to Risks associated with bonds (Interest Rate Risk)

L1 is just scratching the surface, you still have a long way to go young grasshopper.

agree… Just an effort to converge what written in the books with that happening in the world…

Unwarranted comment…

Business Week Article related to how treasuries react after Moody’s say it will review Europe ratings.

Financial Times story - Requires basic understanding of Derivative Markets & Instruments

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