Applying through company website or through past colleagues/linkedin contacts?

Hi All, I will be applying for a specific role. I believe I am qualified want to make sure I apply through the right channel. How do you feel about applying through the company website? Does this impact your chances at all? Alternatively, I could go back to some of my old colleagues who used to work at the specific compnay. This however might delay my application quite a bit. Appreciate all feedback. A

Do both?

You need someone to email your resume to the person who is in charge of hiring. The chance of getting invited for an interview will increase by 50x. They will still ask you to submit your application formally through the official website, but it is important to be flagged by someone.

Warm leads are way more effective than dropping your resume on some random website. Definitely go with friends and former colleagues that you can trust.

any why are these two approaches mutually exclusive alternatives?