Applying to business school during or after completion of the CFA

Hi! Happy Friday everyone,

I am currently a CFA Level II candidate, having passed Level I in June. I am considering getting my MBA immediately after finishing the CFA. In order to do that in a timely manner, I need to take the GMAT now and then do my applications, essays, and interviews between Level II and Level III. My GPA from undergrad was not ideal, but I have good work experience, board experience with a charity, and plan to use the CFA, a great GMAT score and a solid essay to overcome the GPA. My question is this: should I wait another year (which is not ideal) so that I can officially call myself a CFA charterholder before applying, or would applying after passing the Level II exam demonstrate a sufficient amount of commitment, talent, discipline, etc… I’m 27 now and as long as I pass the next two consecutively, will be 29 after passing Level III.

Thank you in advance for your responses and let me know if I can clarify anything.



I don’t think admission committees care that much about whether or not you are a charterholder, your experience and leadership qualities are more important once you hit the GMAT hurdle and overcome your low undergraduate GPA with your essay. Apply as soon as possible.

^ This. B School don’t care bout no CFA.

Agree with klaudnine and CvA.

Thank you for the replies!! Unless anyone else has any input, I would say the consensus is pretty clear.