applying to multiple jobs

for a big institution which offer multiple jobs of your liking, is it wise to apply to all of them with a different cover letter? If it goes through HR first, would they think that you’re not serious and simply dismiss you after seeing your resume for 3 or 4 different jobs. I have to apply to as many jobs as I believe this is a game of numbers. any comments?

would you apply to 5 different ceo jobs at the same time? playing the numbers only work when you’re in school.

would you apply to 5 different ceo jobs at the same time? playing the numbers only work when you’re in school.

peanalyst, from now on, when i ask a question, please feel free NOT to answer.

it depends if the jobs are in completely different areas of the firm. for example, because you don’t have the experience I would not see it as a big issue if you applied for a range of different roles in the Markets division i.e leveraged finance or DCM… you only really know what you like until you have on the job experience but could you contact their HR division and let them know that you are interested in a range of opportunities that they have and that you would like to find out more about the specific roles in question. A majority of the grad schemes let you try a range of roles before moving into a final role. If you apply to do M&A and a derivatives trader at the same time i think that they may not take you seriously.

Seb…nah, i’m not applying for those “high level” jobs, not that they’re posted. one is for Credit Associate and the other is for deriviatives operations analyst. I wrote two cover letters for them. the thing is, both of these are like lower level jobs. i don’t think i can get a research job within the next year or so, so i’m trying to gain more experience and in the mean time build my skills. I know at where I work, if you send resumes, they go to the department in question. But for this BB, i’m not sure if it gets filtered through to one HR division first then to department. i guess i should try calling HR but I have done that before, and they just say, oh, if you have sent your resume, then we’ll take a look to see if we find something. i dont’ have tooo much faith in HR.

I would only apply to one position, even if I had no true preference. Ambivalance about your job may be a turnoff to the employer. I’d rather seem incredibly enthusiatic about the job I’ve applied to. Think about it: If a candidate had a burning desire to get a particular job, why would he apply to a completely unrelated job as well? Anyone who finds out that you applied to both positions will probably understand you’re true motive, which is to gain some more experience so that you can move to greener pastures.

joe, that’s what I’m thinking too. I better just apply for one. this is hard. with only 6 big banks, the way its looking, i’ll be applying for centuries to come.

Maybe its time you consider moving south or west (oilberta has jobs)?

Id still play the numbers. These HR departments are huge. I personally applied to 5 different jobs at one bank and got interviews for two.