Approach for level 3 exams..Any recommendations ??


Can someone tell me how should be the approach towards preparing for this exam ? What topics are a must know topics?

It is a test that lends itself well for you to read each section and then go through each again and take notes the 2nd time around. There is not that much material and really no complex formulas so at least for me, writing out notes as I went along helps me to retain the information.

In terms of topcis if you dont know portfolio mgmt (return, risk, taxes, time horizon, liquidity, unique circumstances) dont even bother taking the test. You should probbaly expect multiple essay questions on IPS, both individual and institutional.

I think you need to know a little of everything and everything about a little .

Remember to spare a lot of time on past paper and practice exams

I would encourage you to practice writing - not typing at your keyboard, but real writing, with a pen - in bullet points.

A lot.