Appropriate number of days to trade- pre/post coverage initiation or rating change

Hi all- I remember seeing this somewhere but cannot recall the specifics.

I believe it’s applicable for 30 days prior but cannot remember the # of days for after the report is issued (initiating coverage, or rating change). Anyone else know this?

30 days prior, 5 days post.

^ I remember seeing this in the CFAI text. No actions 30 days before the report is issued or 5 days after issuance.

Which standard is this a part of?

Research Objectivity Standards

What if you don’t make a rating change, eg reiterate buy rating? Is it still the same 30 prior, 5 post?

During that period can you buy a diversified mutual fund which

A) has significant exposure to that industry or company?

B) Diversified only within the industry you work in?

Thanks, all. I think if there’s no material rating change you’re okay.

The concern is market moving information, or or simply profiting (as a front runner) before you issue your report.