Apps requiring SAT scores??

I was looking at some apps for some of the investment banks and SAT scores were mentioned in education. I don’t even remember these scores exactly… do the firms really want scores dating from that long in the past? I can understand the GRE, Subject exam, GMAT etc. but the SAT? Does anyone have experience with this? Looks like I’ll have to call College Board or whatever…

Also, they say to list all relevent courses, but the page limit is 1 for the resume. Should I only list graduate level courses? Given that there is exceedingly little space to put all this stuff in, are there “rules” of thumb in writing a resume? (i.e. you emphasize your recent coursework more then your past coursework ; MSc vs. B.A. etc.; Research etc.?). Does anyone have experiences with this situation?

Serge: I had experiences like yours and I was just as dumbfounded as you are. I can see GPAs but GRE and SAT scores (even after the fact that I got my PhD 5+ years ago?) I found to be absurd. The application states that if you don’t remember then you just give estimates so what I did was give estimated scores and told them that it was an estimate by putting the word “estimate” in parentheses. As far as the relevent course work. I just put the graduate courses that I could remember on there. as well.

Hi Donski212! Thanks for responding. I am not as old/educated as you. I’m still in the MSc programs. But I am planning ahead and it seems a bit ridicolous. I"ve actually taken 3 differnt exams, the GRE, GRE Math, and LSAT (wasn’t sure if I was going to apply to law school so I tookt), did very well on all 3, but I just can’t find my original SAT form. I think I may have thrown it away. In any event, the GRE and SAT are virtually the same thing, except the GRE being marginally more difficult. But for you, that would be very absurd, almost an Alice in Wonderland level of absurdity. You have your doctorate… does anything else really matter? :-p. BTW: Did you list any research/publications you got in your app? And where did you list them (at the top or at the bottom)? Also, this is goign to sound foolish, but I still don’t have much “leadership” experience… don’t know what that really is suppose to mean, I’ hoping an internship will afford me oppurtunities to garner some “leadership” experience, what was yours? This 1 page limit seems very cumbersome. Thanks again for helping me out, your post was extremely helpful!

Some firms have done “statistical analysis” and determined hat the SAT math is the “best predictor of long term success”. Sounds silly, but oh well, nothing you can do about it so just apply and move on.

Some firms have done “statistical analysis” and determined hat the SAT math is the “best predictor of long term success”. Sounds silly, but oh well, nothing you can do about it so just apply and move on.

As opposed to the GRE? Which is almost the exact same thing? That’s pretty silly. Or any of the other much harder entrance exams that exist out there?

What does it say (statistically) if I didn’t even take the damn test?!

Well if your foreign, then i’m sure they’ll accept whatever foreign equivelent to that exam.

Serge, As far as research experiences/publications I didn’t put that on my application but it’s listed on my resume. I wouldn’t worry about leadership experience. Leadership experience is basically that in which you have been responsible for groups and such. If you have it (e.g. participating in any leadership positions during student activities in UG) then great, but if not then just work with what you have. And you’re right, if you have taken the foreign equivalent that will be accepted as well. I didn’t even take the SAT but the ACT exam so I just listed those as estimates as well. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your interest in the finance arena. If you want to discuss more you can e-mail me at donski212@yahoo. P.S> Hey I’m not that old (just finished things early :wink:

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