April Checkpoint (where are you now?)

I just finished Schweser book 4 Equity and Alternative Investments. Done: Ethics, Quant. Methods, Economics, FSA, CorFin, Portfolio Management, Equity and Alternative Investments. Remaining: Fixed Income and Derivatives. SchweserPro Qbank: 120 questions.

done: Quant, Economics, FSA, CF, Equity (almost its sooo much) To do: Ethics, Portfolio Mgmt, Fixed Income and Derivatives questions - almost nothing…

Almost done my second go round of the material, finished 98% of the Qbank, and taking a practice exam on Sunday. Shooting for the high 60s, although could be anywhere from 55 to 75.

done with lectures and stalla passmaster questions. begin the intensive review today.

Finished: Ethics, Quant, Econ, FSA, and Corp. Finance Left to go: Equity, Alt Investments, Portfolio Mgmt, Fixed Income, and Derivatives I thought I was doing pretty good until I just wrote it all out… yikes. At my current pace I’ll finish all the material with about 13 days to spare. Thats when I’m taking time off from work and attempting to O.D. on questions.

Done with Quant, Econ, Ethics, FSA, Corp. Fin., Equity, Alts, FI, Derivs. Just started PM. Done about 30% of Qbank questions

Doing Second round via the schweser videos. Just finished FI. Now on derivatives. PM is the last to go. Q Bank is finished except for D’s and PM. I plan on taking a test this Sunday, so D’s I will just review D’s and PM w/o Schweser videos. PM - I’m debating on whether to read the CFAI for this agian instead of the video b/c many have alluded that PM was killer last year, and it seems the year before as well.

Done? hmmm everything and nothing? I read through everything at least once or twice, but i’m sure i’ll have to go back and re-read a lot of it. Qbank: 18% completed 62% average score 3 Full Test at 60 questions: 70% 70% 65% Ordering Secret Sauce tomorrow, you know… so that i have something to read on the plane ride to my sis’ wedding in Hawaii… crap :(. Any of you guys in Hawaii want to have a study group for a week or so hahah?

I have 63 readings to go, and problesm for about 68 readings! Of the 8 readings that I have, 2 in econ, 2 in FI, 2 in FRA and 2 in Ethics. Ofcourse the easiest in all section except for FRA. I’ve only solved problems in Econ and Ethics.

Done with my first read through and the second readings of FSA, equity, and econ plus concept checkers on these sections. Also done q-bank for the topics after my second reading plus 20 questions on ethics/day. So far I’ve finished 38% of the questions so far with a score of 81%. Want to get through all of the q-bank q’s by the first week in May and start cranking out practice exams, and if I have time go back and do CFAI questions.

On second pass left to go: Equity, FI, Derivs, Alts doing Schweser and CFAI Q’s Feel like I need a 3rd and 4th pass on everything.

Still need to finish Derviatives, Fixed Income, and PM - should be done by early May. Then review everything focusing on: Ethnics: Research Objectivity, Trade Allocation, Soft Dollars All of Corporate Finance All of Alternatives All of Equity All of FSA Last week spend time taking pratice exames.

just finished up SS1. SS2 here i come! better watch out

On my second pass with equity, FI, derivs and PM left. Starting to review equity tomorrow. doing q-bank “browse los” questions after each LOS and then doing 30 q-bank after eash section. So far ive finished 33% of q-bank with 80%. taking first exam may 2nd and will be hitting q-bank till the d-day…probably hit up the cfai questions as well.

Wow, people in here are in good shape. One Team one Dream! I’m doing my second read through concurrent with the Qbank. I took practice test AM #1 two weeks ago before any Qbank and got a ~58. I’m almost done Qbank for book 2/3 almost done 4 (will finish this Sunday). - Qbank i summed the avg scores the other night out of boredom and i’m actually 88%. - but huge variance. Will take PM practice test tomorrow morning.

Finished all the material yesterday. Starting the review process tomorrow beginning with FSA.

1/2 way through second pass of materials…83% done on Qbank…averaging 80% or so… Hoping to finish second pass first week of May, then do practice exams and review all of May…

SS2 thru SS11 done. On SS12 in first pass, looks like I fell in love with CFAI text!

shah Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SS2 thru SS11 done. On SS12 in first pass, looks > like I fell in love with CFAI text! okay. does everyone agree, shah deserves a charter for just saying that. LOVE with CFAI text.

I’ve been following the CFA’s schedule using the official books. Just have the last 2 study sessions left (derivatives and PM). I’m going to start pounding questions at the beginning of May.