Arbitraging Like a Boss

I’ve recently come across a rather inefficient market in which large opportunity exists to not only act as a market maker, but also arbitrage like a mofo.

Does anyone have channel contacts in the baby part commodity trade? I’m looking to really looking to long some forward contracts on baby parts while simultaneously buying up all the parts I can on the spot market to attempt to corner the supply/demand equilibrium.

With the forward contracts, I’ll demand physical delivery of the parts of which I could then sell all of my commodity holdings from the spot purchases earlier. A nice flawless risk free arbitrage. Rinse/wash/repeat for free money kids.

Perishable commodities are hard to arb man.

Baby parts? Like body parts of babies? (?)

I know a guy… I’ll have his people call your people

This trade is going to get crowded very soon…

I found a fantastic arb opportunity recently!

(It’s a no reserve eBay auction for a torn 20 dollar bill. I guess the seller didn’t know it was still good. lol)

Planned Parenthood charges $30 - $100 for fetuses