Are available for sale securities a type of investment property? How to report the change in fair value?

We know that unrealized gain/loss for available for sale securities are reported in the Other comprehensive income account in equity and have no effect on the income statement, however, we also know that according to IFRS, investment property can use fair value model for revaluation, and any increase or decrease in fair value should be reported as gain or loss in the income statement. Isn’t there a conflict as available for sale securities are also investment properties?

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Under IFRS 9, there is no available-for-sale designation. It has fair value through P or L and fair value through OCI.

FVPL and FVOCI aren’t necessarily (or, I suspect, even commonly) investment property. They’re generally stocks and bonds.

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So, investment properties are more like tangible assets like PPE?



Just to refine S2000magician’s answer:

Investment property is never FVPL/FVOCI.
Investment property are PPE for rent or capital appreciation. The use of FV in investment property is called fair value model.

FVPL/FVOCI are measurement approaches for financial instruments and PPE is not a financial instrument.

Available for sales is US GAAP (equivalent to FVOCI).