Are background check services such as intelius useful?

I have one very minor concern regarding the criminal background check. Back in freshman year, I drank two beers on Cinco de Mayo and drove like 3 hrs later. I was pulled over and a cop made me do a breathalizer test. I blew like a .021 or something like that, but the cop still wrote me up because it was technically driving under the influence (fucking pigs haha). But because the number was so low and I treated the cop with respect, he said that he will just write me a ticket comparable to a speeding ticket. He also told me that this would not be on my record. I ran a background check on myself using intelius, and like I assumed, there were no criminal penalties on my record. Do companies run background checks using programs such as Intelius? Are the results that I got from my own background check identical to what a company will see? Also, just to be super safe, is there a place that I could contact to get an official background check or criminal history report?

I’ve seen background checks run as deep as hiring Pinkertons where they would absolutely, positively find that ticket. The question is do you think anybody would care? You shouldn’t have done that, but it doesn’t reflect on your ability to do your job. Now 4 or 5 drunken driving arrests over the previous 10 years might be a real problem.