Are carry trades relevant for exam?

Hi, I looked at errata for level 3 and questions 23-32 have been deleted because wrong for reading 20. If all those questions are wrong, then is entire lesson on carry trades must be written incorrectly no?

Any ideas?

That’s probably CFA Institute telling everyone that: “We can still test you on carry trade (intra- or inter- market), but not as intense as Q23-Q32.”

Nothing official has been said by CFA then?


Carry trade is still part of the syllabus so not something that should be dropped.

It’s just that the item set cancelled has been giving candidates a major headache and they must have put in a lot of complains till CFAI decided to remove it.

No, if you read the errata carefully, the questions 23-28 are still valid, they only eliminated questions 29-32.

Ignore carry trade at your own peril.

I was looking at the errata again. CFA Institute has removed questions 29-32 only. Questions 23-28 still remain.

Link (Page 7):

[Update:] In the information for questions 23-32 (page 223-225 of print), the paragraph
before Exhibit 2, Exhibit 2, the paragraph before Exhibit 3, and Exhibit 3 should all be
deleted. Questions 29-32 (page 226 of print) and their solutions (page 237-239 of print)
should be deleted as well. Question numbers and solution numbers need to be updated
accordingly, as it relates to removal of the previous questions and solutions.