are cfa exam expenses TAx deductible in Canada

are cfa exam expenses and books(like schweser) TAx deductible in Canada…if so under whats ection do i claim the books,e xam fees, cfa institute membership. thanks, Chandran gangadharan

Only in certain circumstances if at all…my tax software says the following (line 323 if you want to see for yourself) The education amount is in addition to the tuition amount. It cannot be claimed if you received a reimbursement, benefit, grant, or allowance, or if the education program you attended was related to your job and you received a salary or wages while studying.

Simple answer: NO. Confirmed by the CFA I and tax canada according to threads on the general forum. My interpretation is no as well - mainly cuz the CFAI does not issue a tuiting ‘receipt’ similar to the T forms the canadian universities provide. Long answer: Yes, just don’t get audited.