Are CFAI EOC absolutely necessary?

Looking for a little advice here. I have barely cracked the CFAI books have done very few EOC. I have gone totally Schweser, same as I did for L1 and L2 (both pass fairly easily on first try). Here are my scores on Mocks so far for L3.

Schweser Vol 1:

Exam 2 AM: 67

Exam 2 PM: 88

Exam 3 AM: 67

Exam 3 PM 70

Vol 2 Exam 1 AM: 62

CFAI 2012 Mock PM: 67

CFAI 2011 Mock PM: 70

CFAI 2011 AM: 55

My PM scores are definitely better than AM (getting killed in IPS mostly). Question is, with time remaining, better to focus on more practice tests (CFAI 2010 - before AM, and Schweser Vol 2 AM and PM) or start EOC questions? I’m thinking I’m going to keep sticking with my mock and review method while focusing on problem areas, same as I have done in previous levels. Thoughts?

EOC questions are great, if you’ve got the time hit em all, but given the time and the scores you’re getting you’ll probably be best served focusing on the mocks (particularly AM sections) and use EOC to review areas that you’re missing points consistently.

I have done all the EOC q’s. They are good for practice, but they don’t really help out on the AM questions. In fact, your AM & PM scores are better than mine.

I would focus more on old CFAI AM mocks to get better on actually answering the questions for the test IMO.

I found them helpful in Am but not in PM :slight_smile:

Do you have a copy of that 2011 mock pm?

This would be my suggestion on EOC. You should do EVERY item set. They are good practice. Some of the open ended stuff may not necessarily be that important, but the item sets are both good practice and worded as they the exams.

This is both my opinion and that of a knowledgeable instructor.

Also, blue boxes are great.

How many hours do you think it would take to to item set EOCs like you suggest? I was really hoping to avoid all that and just keep focusing on AM sections and IPS…

No Idea on EOC. It took me a week to do every single blue box in the text…I got about a week budgeted for EOCs too. Next week actually.

EOC is going to be a life saver for you, OP.

You are so used to schweser questions, it looks like. Schweser grab test questions from its own little universe.

EOC on the other hand is possibly the only thing that is standing b/t you and a pass.

Good luck

Yeah, I echo Passme. dump schweser, now. Only use CFAI tests, Blueboxes and EOCS. You MAY be able to kill it with schweser, but after being on here two years and living this test day in day out, I can tell you, the consensus is CFAI. The consistent response from passers is CFA is the way to go.

I believe I can speak for the masses of AF’ers when I say Schweser is only a supplement

Well I probably don’t have time to actually solve every EOCS question. So I’ll probably just look at the questions and read the solutions for review. I guess that will have to do. I really think my focus needs to be on whatever I can do to improve AM scores…my PM scores are there I think.

Do all the practice AM’s you can get your hands on.

Rolo 550 is right. Do as many AM practice and old papers as you can get hold of - especially if you are getting killed on the IPS stuff.

Schweser or CFAI? I know CFAI is better, but old exams seem to have a bunch of stuff that is no longer tested. Even noticed some on the 2010 AM exam. (leading economic indicators, etc.) Don’t want to waste any time…

Also, I have CFAI AMs going back to 2007, any one have previous? Any point to doing these that far back? Maybe just IPS…

Every year before 2007 is sort of diminishing value, but don’t let the fact that one or two question are from older/changed LOS negate the value of the whole exam. 95% of the material is useful. The curriculum hasn’t changed that much.

That being said there was a major change in the curriculum in like 2005 or 2006…so I am sticking to 2007 or newer.

I would do this order.

Blue boxes,


CFA PM Mocks

EOC Item Sets

EOC Short Answer.

THEN if you still have time

Schweser exams

Schweser EOC’s


Great. Thanks for the advice. I’ve already beaten Q-bank and Schweser Blue Box/EOC into the ground much earlier in the study process…no need to rehash. I’ve done 2012 and 2011 PM CFAI exams, but I’m wondering if there are previous ones out there that anyone has?

I’m going to focus on CFAI AM and review (i’m just going to print out the Answers, so i can move quickly and make sure i know the concept/calculation. Anything i don’t know i will practice with CFAI EOC. This is mostly IPS and Behavioral Finance, both of which blow. I’m also going to be reviewing my forumla list and flashcards intermittenly. Taking the BSAS exam this Saturday, so we’ll see how that goes.

Seriously though, anyone have pre 2011 PM CFAI tests?

Do you have 2011 PM? I have asked that question like 20 times and noone responds…

yeah i have it…saved it last year while studying for L2. I’ll email it to you if you want to give me your email address.

what’s everyone doing from here on out? I’ve gone through basically all practice exams, EOC’s, and the books a few times. What’s the most efficient way to go from here? Re-do practice exams, focus no CFAI practice exams, etc.?