Are CFAI Mock Exam questions taken from topic tests?


Just want to ask: if I take the topic tests will I spoil the mock exam?


In my experience, the current year’s mock exam did not include many, if any, topic test questions. Prior mocks will have topic test questions in them.

One of ethics might have looked familiar but I could be wrong. My brain is on fire.

I haven’t taken the mock yet but a month ago I ran a search on item titles from Topic Tests and a PDF mock that I had already saved and found only two matches - Yee (equity) and Scott (corp). I am not sure but I think the mock is not static? I mean every time you retake it the browser shuffles the questions and maybe item sets as well.

Topic Tests are past mocks that are still relevant to the updated Curriculum. Except for portfolio managment since they completely changed that section.

You only have one mock exam which does not contain any of the vignettes from the topic tests.

Hope this helps keep banging out those mocks and topic tests at this point that and the EOCs are the best things to prepare you for the real thing.

Thanks all. I truly appreciate your eagerness to help. Good luck on your exams!