Are Elan EOC Qs more difficult than CFA?

I’m considering what I will do when I start revising all the material before the exam and trying to come up with a strategy.

For me, the level 1 the Elan EOC Qs were often more difficult than the CFA ones. Is this still the case for level 2?

If so, I may actually just do my initial review of all the material with the Elan questions, and then get on with practice exams afterwards.

What are your thoughts Elan level 2 users?

I use Elan but I am not going through their EOC… I am only going through CFAI questions…

I’d be interested to know as well. Should I just revisit the CFAI EOC once done or try Elans?

I am more inclined to doing CFAI again…

I’ve got Elan’s practice questions and I think they are adequate. Comparatively, the Schweser end of chapter Concept Checkers aren’t very difficult (various questions feel like Level I). I’ve used all three and I think CFAI’s EOC are the best way to go if you could only choose one. Elan’s practice questions are more difficult than Schweser’s concept checkers.

This weekend I did some CFAI Derivatives EOC questions – they are a real workout and took me a long time to complete.

Also, as someone that has used all three, I think there is value in using a diversified group (different sources) of practice questions. I started using Schweser and when I got to Elan and CFAI questions, I saw different types of questions which tripped me up. I know it’s cost prohibitive to use two services, but with Elan you don’t have to buy the entire study package (i.e. you can buy only practice questions).

If you’re limited in terms of time and money, the CFAI EOC questions should be adequate preparation alone. Just my opinion.


I find that both Elan and CFA eoc questions have about the same difficulty. If you’re short on time, just focus on the CFA eoc questions.