are hard/medium q bank questions enough?

im burned out from taking tests…as im sure most of you are…

with just a week left, over the past two days ive been just taking los tests on the qbank and throwing out the easy questions…they are easier, but i feel like i might be covering more ground? Been scoring between 75-85…am i wasting my time here? is good prep for lv1 or no?

qbank score around your range is sufficient to pass

Try other sources - Schweser mocks and CFA Institute mocks if you haven’t already. Q Banks can get repetitive and therefore predictable after numerous rounds.

Although QBank isn’t as hard, I find it makes you focus on topics you don’t get (especially advanced questions). Then when I see that on these practice CFAI tests, I get them right because I understand the concept and just apply it to a harder question. There seems to be mixed reviews though, some say QBank won’t do it others say it will. From my observation, those who failed the CFA Level 1 the first time by relying on QBank say it doesn’t, those who passed and used QBank said it does. ha ha