Are January 6 convictions exempt from CFA Standards

This is the problem with the broad swath that the civil disobedience exception takes. It exempts at least some - but not all concededly - January 6 convictions from being applicable to the standards.

In other words, is Frisco Texas realtor Jenna Ryan exempt from CFA discipline if she were pursuing or had a charter?

Why in your view is this `the problem?’

On the CFAI website, Example 4 (Personal Actions and Integrity) discusses a fictitious mutual fund manager who has been arrested repeatedly for trespassing during protests on the property of a large petrochemical plant that is accused (my note: by whom? by the environmental activists?) of damaging the environment.

CFAI adds the comment
``Generally, Standard I(D) is not meant to cover legal transgressions resulting from acts of civil disobedience in support of personal beliefs because such conduct does not reflect poorly on the member’s or candidate’s professional reputation, integrity, or competence.‘’

I had to look up Jenna Ryan, but it seems that
she pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of ``parading on Capitol grounds.‘’

Just to clarify, is your position that you are ok with the exemption applying to the environmental activist (who has committed numerous transgressions) but not ok with it applying to Ms Ryan (who has committed a single transgression)? Neither individual appears to have damaged any property or committed any violence.

The same rules should apply to everyone, and the politics of the incident (Trump supporter versus environmental protestor) should not be a factor.