Are Knicks tanking the season?

Can’t explain why Woods didn’t call the timeout… makes no sense

Who cares? The important thing is that Kobe is back and staying two more seasons

Who cares about Lakers? They are done

The Fakers are done!

Uhm, as $hitty as the lakers are, the knicks and nets are decidedly $hittier teams this season. LA > NY, Kobe > Melo, haters gonna hate…

whos the knicks? sounds like a band

I don’t pay that much attention to the NBA, but my understanding it that this is a fantastic year to be really bad.

Listening to Mike Greenberg the other day, he says that the NBA (unlike other sports), rewards really bad teams too much.

He says that the worst thing a team in the NBA can be is “pretty good”. If you’re just good enough to get in the playoffs, but not good enough to win the title, then you lose out on the draft lottery.

I think being mediocre is horrible in any of the major sports, hence my desire for the Giants to lose out this year. I guess it’s amplified in the NBA because a single player has such an impact on the game, which is probably the reason they implemented the draft lottery. Upon further thought, I suppose MLB teams can buy a potentially winning team whenever they want and the draft is mostly meaningless but for a few players now and then.

After brief spark by ‘Linsanity’, it’s all down hill for the knicks.